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Who I am

Hello.  I am Queen Sasha and I am a brand new beauty and fitness blogger.  This is a brand new work in progress website and I will be posting new blogs very soon about my favorite Brands of makeup, best makeup to use during your workouts, my favorite workout equipment, Tips and tricks, clothing and more!

My Mission

My Mission as a beauty and fitness blogger is to educate women about exciting tips and tricks and to promote my favorite products that I personally love and use and highly recommend.  I give excellent advice on the best style and shades of makeup to reflect your unique and lovely personality and lifestyle.  I am currently raising money to improve my website to make it Easy to access/ Stylish/ Entertaining/ Educational. With the help of BITCOIN donations I will be able to reach my goal of upgrading to the Premium/business account so I can upload better content for the website and my followers.

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Any Suggestions? 

If you happen to have any suggestions regarding improving my blog or website, feel free to leave a comment and let me know what you think. I appreciate your your words of encouragement!

 Pay per Click Program – Earn 10 cents per click per visitor

How To Build A Small Waist/ Waist Training

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So How DO You Build A Small Waist?8a772aad18be2f95b4c1255ca477954a--small-waist-waist-training

You’re probably thinking right now, “Hmmm… Yet another article about waist training and how to do it.” Believe me, I’ve been there thinking everyone is full of S*** and doesn’t know what they’re talking about. Most blogs and articles are based on pure theory, while this one is based on Personal Experience.  I’ve seen these results with my own eyes, experimenting with different methods.  Let me show you EXACTLY how I built a small waist (before I got pregnant) and how to build muscle the right way to achieve a narrow shape.

Wearing A Corset At Night & A Waist Cincher During The Day

Yes! Corsets & Waist Cinchers CAN give you more permanent results. You might have heard rumors saying that wearing a corset or waist cincher can be dangerous and life threatening. That is only True if you don’t use them the right way.  You might have also heard that they squish your organs and make it to where your organs don’t function properly.  That is only true to a certain degree. Did you know that when you’re pregnant, You’re body is making room for the baby and You’re organs are getting pushed and squished in different directions and that is COMPLETELY NORMAL! If you can take being pregnant (Having your ribcage expand and Organs Pushed around and Squished from time to time) Then you can take wearing a corset for 8 hours a day (or however many hours you desire) to draw in your ribcage for an hourglass shape. If you can barley breath, You’re doing it wrong. GO SLOW!!

 c7869115dee562020b82b732b79f94f4--tightlacing-waist-trainingwaist trainer

Why Wear A Corset at Night? 

Wearing a corset at night will take some time getting used to. You need to first season your corset for a couple hours a day to break it in. It takes a couple of weeks to get you used to wearing it. Later when you feel comfortable, You can wear it for 8+ hours during the night when you sleep. wearing a corset to bed can be better than wearing it during the day while you’re awake because your body is repairing itself when you sleep and during rest days, In between Torso workouts.  The Corset acts like a Mold, holding you’re body in a specific shape. Your ribcage will gently form into a cinched position while you muscles will pull your ribcage in, forcing it to stay like that/giving you that hourglass figure.

Why Wear A Waist Cincher During The Day?

Wearing a waist trainer/cincher during the day is ideal because not only is it more comfortable and flexible, but it will also provide more support for your muscles that are repairing itself.  If you’ve just had a baby (congrats), You might get something called Diastasis Recti (Abdominal Separation).  Diastasis Recti happens to pregnant women because their bodies are making room for the baby, pushing and separating the abs to the side.  Some women have it worse than others (you can google it) but wearing a waist cincher can help those muscles return back to their previous position. Also, wearing a waist cincher can give you a boost in confidence, making you feel slim and supported during your days of recovery. My favorite waist trainer is this lovely Black Latex Waist Training Vest From Amazon. It works great at keeping everything together, cinched in and it can prevent back fat from spilling over. If you want a more flexible waist trainer for working out with, You’ll want to wear the VENUZOR Waist Trainer Belt For Women

Muscle Groups To Workout For A Narrow/Small Waist.


The Main muscle groups to focus on are the abdominal muscles (External Obliques, Internal Obliques, Transverse Abdominis and Rectus Abdominis) There are many workout videos that you can search on YouTube.  My personal favorites that I recommend watching are these: (Click the Links Below)

There are great Medicine Balls to buy on Amazon for Beginners. I suggest the FILA Accessories Soft Medicine Ball (6 pounds). It’s great for targeting the obliques and abs.

Tips For Building A Narrow Waist:

  • Train for muscle DENSITY, not muscle SIZE
  • Don’t train your muscles until you reach muscle fatigue/failure. Reaching muscle fatigue will give you size.
  • When you workout, you tear muscle fibers. When you sleep, You rebuild those torn muscle fibers
  • If you want your muscles to properly repair, consume plenty of protein – I use Plant Based Organic Protein Powder.  You can find protein powders on Amazon, cheaper than buying them in stores
  • Slowly ease into tying your corset. Check out this Corset Seasoning Guide on Pinterest
  • Waist Cinchers are your best friends during the day and during your workouts to hold your tummy in, Sweat off Excessive amounts of water weight and can make you feel sexy and confident just doing your daily activities
  • Make sure to wear a corset that is YOUR SIZE according to the shape and length of your torso. If you have a short torso, wear a short torso corset. If you have a long torso, wear a long torso corset
  • Corsets & Waist Cinchers can help rebuild those torn muscle fibers into an hourglass shape.  So take advantage of that!

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Pay per Click Program – Earn 10 cents per click per visitor